Canadian Forces in 'war for talent': Hillier


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Feb 8, 2007
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I can personally vouch for this, the 'quality' of the technical soldier has been at risk in the past few years. How do you balance the equation of recruiting someone with the mind and physical aspects to become great soldiers/sailors/airmen(women). You end up with young men and women that are tipping on both sides of the spectrum, with the hopes that if we provide them with the right environment they will strive in their areas of weakness but in most cases......:rolleyes:

I truly hope they find a solution to the problem because we will be in dire situations in the future, if not.

Canadian Forces in 'war for talent': Hillier

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Canadian chief of defence staff Gen. Rick Hillier speaks in Halifax on Friday.
(Canadian Press)The Canadian military is in a domestic "war for talent" as it attempts to boost its ranks, the country's top soldier said Friday.
In a speech to the Nova Scotia legislature, Gen. Rick Hillier said the military is competing to attract a shrinking demographic of "select young people" between the ages of 18 and 29.
The chief of the defence staff said this is a challenge but recruiters are meeting recruiting goals of getting 7,000 people into regular force units this year — the goal for 2009 is more than 8,000.
While plenty of potential recruits are coming forward, Hillier said the military has to find ways to train them quickly enough so they can be deployed to the various branches of the armed services.
Hillier said there has been a problem finding enough competent recruits to work in a small number of advanced technical trades in the navy and air force.
In the past year in these areas, the chief of defence staff said 40 positions needed to be filled but only 20 suitable candidates could be found.
The demands for personnel in Canada's Afghan mission have stretched the capacity of the Armed Forces to the limit and Ottawa has raised recruiting targets in an effort to keep pace.
The mission's mandate was extended to 2011 late last year by Parliament.
Some 2,500 members of the Canadian Forces are deployed in Afghanistan.
Good post....

You can't rush the training. Thats why we have such good quality troops.