Apr 20, 2020
Evening all, active duty Air Force guy been in a little over two years just sewed on SrA (E4) last week. I'm a maintainer on F15's now but I came in on a PJ contract and crushed it right up until I didn't. I take full responsibility for getting out of that pool and quitting halfway through 10 ups during black Thursday three weeks into Indoc. I think I can still hear that mf horn. For some of you that might be as far as you read before you make up your mind about me and that's ok, I get it. I can't change the decision I made but I choose to define myself by the things I did right while I was there and the times I was a good teammate, not by the weakness I discovered. Perspective is a great teacher, and I've been working hard to have the tools sharpened to handle it when I'm faced with a moment like that again. And I do intend to face moments like that again. Perspective also helps you be honest with yourself and it may be that Pararescue is not the best path for me to contribute to a team on the battlefield. That's why I'm here, to gather information from different specialties and learn from your experiences as I make some important decisions about my career over the next six months. I'll be looking to contribute as well as I navigate military policy and processes.

Thanks to all the admins and moderators for providing this space.