Chest Rigs

Basically we want to be able to carry our pistols chest mounted, hold a radio, and random other crap. Size requirement: standard chest plate size or smaller.
i'm really looking for something smaller, along the lines of this.

And yes, the mav is great... but if I needed to carry THAT much BS I'd just toss my actual body armor on.

Basically, this is for more comfort offroading. With my current seats, I can carry on my hip but the wife beats her pistol against the door of the truck. Once I have my 4 point harnesses and racing seats in the CUCV, neither of us will be able to comfortably carry on our hip, because of the wraparound style of the seats.. designed to carry a human in a nomex suit, not a steel carrying paramilitary psycho like myself.

Plus, we're involved in search and rescue up here. Strobe, Compass, strip map of the area we're operating in, radio, powerjels, etc etc etc. I don't need EVERYTHING on me, but something that I can wear on the outside of my winter garb would provide for significantly easier access than having to open everything up in order for anti-Yogi utilization.
The CUCV wasn't, but the racing seats I am putting in were designed for a racing vehicle therefore form fit to a "slick" human body, not with various metal impliments poking out here and there.
not really, with current seatbelt configuration let alone the 4 point harness that will get crossed over.. a center chest rig I can route the straps around and still be restrained.

I also don't want my carry to be overt either. The tan rig looks like it'd be a good setup for an armor crewmember though.
Well, I would go with the one you posted if "concealed" is the way you want to Go.The big + in my mind is you can add or subtract when you want. But you want to wear this no? It dosent look all that great for Movement outside of your Rig.
I can't do over one shoulder straps. It's not comfortable with a woman build.

OK my Bad,I guess I didn't think that threw, it looks good in the Movies,lol
Really with the two piece Mav you only need to put on what you want,and you can position as needs arise.
This may give you an idea.

This has a .45 and 2 mags inside of it.

It's got a radio, and 2 pouches on the front. It's all molle attachment style so I can add on whatver I want to have the desired amount of crapola attached.

Basically, I want to have the radio on the outside, with a multi-purpose pouch from tac-tailors to hold chew, GPS, compass, and on the inside i'll have my pistol, powerjels, spare mag, map case, and other stuff.


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Mission Dictates, as always the pic above of the chest rig looks small to me. Of course my personal choice is to have as much necissities ( 7+ mags, knife, compass, map case, flashlight 2 grenades, 2 smokes, gps radio, E&E kit{VS17 panel, broken up MRE's, batteries, spare gps, spare map, notepad and writing utencils}, IR strobe, camel back, so all I would have to do is carry a Butt Pack or 3 day assault pack.
My next purchase is going to be from this company, they seem to have their shit toghether.
7 mags for what?
Grenades for what?
Smokes for what? LOL


lordy lord! lol
7 mags for what?
Grenades for what?
Smokes for what? LOL


lordy lord! lol

My Bad. I thought you may have been AD or ARNG. I need that load for LRS OPs. Like I said Mission Dictates. So you get to go much lighter. Check out the website link i sent, they have a lot of shit you might or not need.
yah, DB tac has some good stuff... they're rather proud of their gear though. Rather get tac tailor, eggroll, or other 'small business' stuff myself.

I was AD up until june of last year. I carried significantly more than most ;)