Christian Major

Rabid Badger

Special Forces
Verified SOF
May 20, 2007
The 'Ville
Christian was not a Special Operator.

Christian attended BUDS twice and SFAS once. He went 'Needs of the Army' in 2004 and went immediately to Afghanistan with the 82nd. There Christian made many friends with his sardonic humor but friendly personality. His soldiers and his Terps all liked him.

He suffered a brain aneurism and died in his sleep in Astan yesterday.

Christian wrote me many times while I was in the 'other' theater. We communicated often.

Christian was my friend. Christian was my second son. Christian was in love with my daughter and she with him. He was probably going to be my SIL in the future.

I'll post the obit when it comes out.

RIP Christian.
I'm so very sorry, D. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter.

Rest in peace, Christian. :(
RIP Christian. Thank you for your service.
RB deepest sympathies to you and your daughter.