Colorblind test?


Aug 22, 2010
So I'm curious what color blindness test the Air Force uses for their physical. I'm extremely borderline color blind, as in I've passed the few times I've been given the test by an eye doctor, but for classes I've had difficulty seeing the numbers in the Ishihara test (the different colored dots in the circles). I've googled around and it looks like it's the Ishihara test, but another site said it's something else using lights, which looks much much easier.

I've never had any issues with it in real life, I didn't even notice until I was 19.
I've taken the Ishihara test in the Air Force the last 10 years. Im unware of any other test the AF might use for people in your situation.
There is a light test, but not every military eye doc has one. You could luck out and get one that does have it and will give you a pass based on the light test, however, you will not always be that lucky. My ex had the same issue and he found a doc that had the light test, passed it and got his desired MOS, but he did not have to take the annual flight physical, so doing that if you do need the flight physical would be risky IMO.
No I guess I should say that I'm willing to take the Ishihara test, I'm just worried about failing it, I haven't failed it when given by a doc yet, but I don't readily see the numbers like a normal person, I have to focus much harder and sometimes figure them out.
I had a buddy (RIP) that I went to MEPS with that failed his color vision test and wasn't allowed to tryout to be a PJ, so he went Rangers and loved it.