Commemoration of Operation "Market Garden"

Let's make an exception; last time he posted pics of guys without pants. We don't need those pics.
uhm.... I have an idea.... LOL....
You know the rule, Mike- "pictures or it never happened!" ;)
Mara... I have never disappointed you?....:cool:....I even posted ther naked pic of a walrus... (it's better he did not call him walrus..:-|)
That is one commemoration I'd love to attend.

There is a great movie filmed in 1946 called "Theirs Is The Glory" that focuses on the British actions during the battle.
It was the first film to be made about this battle, and the biggest grossing war movie for nearly a decade.

It is remarkable for it's authenticity, it uses two Panthers, a Tiger I and a Tiger II tank not to mention the fact that the Paras in the film are the actual Paras who fought the battle.

"Theirs Is The Glory has been produced entirely without the use of sets or actors. Every incident was either experienced or witnessed by people in the film."
"A Bridge Too Far". I'll be in Ashford, UK then visiting with my daughter, son in-law, and newest granddaughter.

Fair winds and soft landings, Mike.

RF 1
I've jumped before just not with an Army.
My "in" for getting schools just vanished in a puff of national guard bullshit.