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Jan 1, 2020
Hello all!
-19-year-old military college student
-Basically, I fucked up bad, and I want to make severe changes in my life.
-Recently I've been seriously considering SF paths in the US Army. I am seeking ways to grow not only as a good person but as a leader as well.
- I will be repeating a few things I said in my intro.

While the military in some capacity or another was always my plan, I was only considering it because of its monetary benefits like paying for college. It was something I never truly took it seriously. While I was accepted into an ROTC scholarship program with my school, I was only concerned with getting through and getting my degree. My scholarship was also an SMP contract, so I was simultaneously enlisted and drilling with a local quartermaster unit. The shitty part of this story is that I went into this program with a substance use issue (don't want to go into specifics atm). After a particularly bad evening with this stuff, I realized I had to admit I had a problem, come clean about this, and make a lot of changes in my life. I reported my substance use to my program's cadre and joined a group/ clinic for my substance use, and I have been clean since late September. However, because of my drug use, the ROTC cadre decided to initiate disenrollment proceedings. While I've had to go in front of an administrative board for this issue, I am still waiting on a response on whether they should choose to either retain or dismiss me.

There were no criminal actions or charges made against me, and I have had no run-ins with the police. I also didn't bring this up before an upcoming urinalysis ( I know you're likely not going to know when a drug test is, but you can guess, i.e., after holidays or breaks).

I'm not looking for pity, and I am perfectly willing to accept the consequences of my actions. As I said, I want to make changes in my life and take on serious challenges. I want brutally honest opinions from veterans about my situation and know if there is any possible future in Army Special Forces/ Ranger battalion, or even just the more intense or challenging jobs within the Army. I understand it seems like a big leap from being an apathetic college student to considering SF. Still, I've genuinely become sick of all the mediocrity in my life and the shitty way I was living.

Physically, I am in the best shape of my life (not a high bar, though since I was a couch potato in HS). I received a 283 on my last recorded APFT, and I am confident that I can get a higher score if not max on an upcoming diagnostic I have with my unit. While I haven't been administered the ACFT, I know the events pretty well and feel confident in my ability to do well on each. I've also recently become a good endurance runner, my last 5-mile time was completed in 37:14, and my best 10-mile time was completed in 1:25:30. I've researched the physical standards of SF forces, and I still have a ways to go, but I am actively trying to improve my physical performance.


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Sep 16, 2019
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You are young and this situation happened recently. Keep trying, and if they say no, try again 6 months later. The longer it has been since the offense, the better it will be. I’m sure your story of coming clean and not getting convicted will go a long way when the General looks into granting your waiver.