Could Use alittle help


Jun 21, 2009
Good Evening. I was wondering if someone can either point me in the proper direction or give me a better idea. I have been having some issues for the past couple of months getting in contact with a recruiter in talking about CCT and enlisting. My runaround has consisted of calling the main line; only to be told to call their cell; call there cell only to leave a message that never gets a reply: to going to there office only to find it empty. I have been smart enough to keep my mind on track eating right and working out. I also signed up for swim/dive lessons to help myself out. I have used as much as I could, I tried getting onto there forum but for some reason they are having registering issues. I asked my brother-in-law who is stationed at McGuire and is a MSgt, if they had an on base recruiter that I could see, only thing he pointed me to was AFSOC's website and to try and email the Special Tactics Liasion. Haven't recieved any reply back. Ever since I have been a child everything and anything that was military I have been intrigued by, particuarilly Special Operations.

So if anyone could help me out with input or anything it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

This link HERE has the numbers and email addresses that can get you going in the right direction.
The Captain on that page will answer you, just keep in mind he is a flight commander, and has a ton of other work to do.

Best of luck to you.

are you having trouble finding a normal air force recruiter or a special tactics recruiter? if you are looking for the latter then PM me what area you are from and ill see if i can get in touch with one in your area.