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dude...and i say dude because you arent an airman or conehead yet. first off ill commend you on trying to educate yourself on combat medicine. HOWEVER, you need to be focusing on BMT and indoc. when and IF you make it through indoc you will be taught what you need to know medically when you get to that point in your training. if you wanna study any medical stuff stick to the basics, anatomy and physiology etc. this isnt me trying to give you an ass chewing or scare you off. believe it or not im trying to help you out.

Now to answer your question. Im not going to speak on anyone elses behalf but i personally have not been taught how to use a shunt...not to say some military paramedic hasnt learned it somewhere.

quicklot is used to control external hemorrhages that cant be controlled with a tourniquet. we actually use combat gauze now. the shunt in the report you were reading about are used in conjunction with these steps after the casualty reaches a forward surgical team to try and save the limb.

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805, your enthusiasm is excellent, your judgement is poor. Before we see this thread come to full term I'm going to Falcon Punch it.
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