Current INDOC graduation standards? has the following listed...

"DAY 1:

6 mile run (non-stop): 45:00
Calisthenics (exercise to time limit or muscle failure)
Pull-ups: 13 in one minute
Sit-ups: 75 in two minutes
Push-ups: 70 in two minutes
4000 meter fin swim: 80 minutes or less
Underwater Confidence Events:
50 meter underwater swim without surfacing
Snorkel buddy breathing for two and a half minutes with full harassment
Treading water for two and a half minutes
Underwater knot tying (girth hitch w/extra turn, bowline and square knot)
Drown proofing- Bobbing for 5 minutes, dead man float, 100m travel, front and back flip, mask recovery
Ditch and don equipment recovery
16 pound weight belt swim for 7 minutes"

However, having spoken to a recruiter briefly the other day he said that he beleives PJ's in INDOC have different graduation standards just as they now have different PAST requirements. He had the new PAST requirements for me but not the graduation standards. Are those the current standards listed above?
these are the current grad standards

6 mile run- 44:06
3000M fin- 60:00
2000M open water fin- 60:00
Pull ups- 13
Sit ups- 75
Push ups- 70

Underwaters- 25M X 5 @ 1:30
Mask and Snorkel recovery- 30M
Buddy Breathing(Full Harassment)- 2:00
Treading Water- 2:30
Drown Proofing
1/2/3 Knot series (girth hitch w/ extra turn, inside bowline, square knot, double fishermans)
Equipment recovery(16 lb)- 1:00
Coming Soon- Equipment Tread (16lb)
25 Jun 09 From

Replace 50 M underwater w/giant stride entry to 25 M underwater w/giant stride entry.

Change the 4,000 M swim in 80 min to 3,000 M swim in 60 minutes.

Add 2,000 M open water swim with Battle Dress Uniform or equal, buoyancy compensator, load bearing equipment with two magazine pouches (4 pound sand bag in each magazine pouch), rubber weapon, and environmental protective gear (wetsuit, hood, booties and gloves) as required for environmental conditions.

These changes were based on AFCDC requirements and scientific research/training methods.

Other changes will be implemented in Oct 09 which I'll post soon.

No new changes were posted as of today.
the 3000 meter fin swim is with fins and a mask. The 2000 meter open water swim is with full bdu's and fins,mask,snorkel and other equipment
Where can I look to see new standards?? hasnt been updated in a long while.

REALLY?! did you even look on this thread at all? start on page one of this thread and look for my second post....:uhh: