CW9093 9mm Kahr

Does anyone know feedback they can give me on this handgun? I have an opportunity to get one at what I THINK is a decent price. Comments/viewpoints?

This is from the 'shooters forum':

Opinions On KAHR CW9093:

Hi considering one of these for my CCW carry seems like it meets all my basic criteria it's light relatively speaking the 9 mm round seems effective enough with the right ammo. Hoping you guys can fill me in on the accuracy, and the price well I saw a new one for about 350 so that's also on target, so whats your opinion on trigger pull and reliability and basically anything else you feel might be important for this kind of carry.

Kahr's are a very well made handgun. I have not personally used the model that you have mentioned here. I personally carry a Kahr PM9 with night sites. It is my go everywhere with me gun. I like Glocks for carry when I want a little more size to my handgun. The Kahr PM9 is small enough to carry in the back pocket of a pair of wrangler blue jeans and not stick out. It shoots reasonably good and seems to always work. I have sold several of them through my store and everyone seems to like them that has bought one. You might want to give the PM9 a good close look for a CCW handgun. They cost somewhat more than what you are looking at, but they are small enough that you will end up always having it with you. The PM9 comes in both 9MM and 40S&W. The 9MM is easier to control with the small grip. Good luck with whatever you decide on.

and some retail prices: