Sep 13, 2009
Thinkin about going dive med tech. (reason why im here) and need to find out if dive med techs are being utilized as medics/corpsman, i've been told they are able to go to 18D and jump school. Makes sense right? Please get back to me someone, Its a life changing decision. Rumor is specwarfare and marsoc are so short on medical personal. I mean if a dive med tech (whom is supposed to be a professional at diving and combat vet) wouldnt you utilize him part of the team?
I have never heard of someone coming to the 18D course because they were a DMT. The only guys (SARC/NSW) who attend the 18D course -that I know of - are guys who made good grades in SOCM (because why send guys to the hardest part of the course if they cant get past the easier portion) and were E6 or greater...

Not saying it cant be done, just saying in my year there the Navy guys I saw in the course fit the previously mentioned criteria.


this is making me disgruntled. I dont care about the title of seal, or recon corpsman. I need to know if I can go to 18delta and jump school as a dive med tech. I've heard of dive med tech's opping with seal/s, force recon etc. and socom's budget is ridiculous.
Not to sound like a dick but you really dont have a right to be disgruntled. Honestly if you arent in a billet that needs to go to the course then you, by all rights, shouldnt go to the course. You dont need to be an 18D to be a DMT.

SOCOM has a large budget but the course only has a finite number of slots. Those get filled by people who need to go. There are 64 slots to start the SOCM course and 32 in SFMS last time I heard...

Now, if you are wishing to fill a billet that requires you to be SOCM/SFMS then more power to you... However, and maybe I am misreading your posts, that doesnt appear to be the case.
Nah your right, I totally understand. Just needing info, and im getting steared in the wrong direction. (Career counselors etc.) but, why even call Dive med tech's (spec warfare), and attach them to teams? Ya know? I mean corpsman are (attachments) and we op with the corps. But nah, your right why send a dive med tech, when there are SOF that need the course.
All the dive med techs I have ever run into work dive lockers and the chamber. I have never seen one do anything operational, at least in/with the Marine Corps.

Cric, we send SARCs to the SOCM course when they start out and they go back to the second half when they are E-6s or E-7s. The Navy considers the second half an IDC (Independent Duty Corpsman) course and reserves it for senior guys. All SARCS who stick around to HM1 or HMC will get the course.
i believe i would be easier to request those schools as a 8404, because you can SAY that your trying to obtain your 8427 NEC....as a part of the pipeline jump school etc.