Do Army SF get maritime operations?

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Dec 27, 2009
Do they get to spend a good amount of time around waters? I'm asking because I liked the Marines and Seals, but with the way my program is going, I'm sticking with the Army. Also, I like being around water. I know it's a trivial question....but I'm still a newbie to all of this.
What is your "program" and how is it "going"? I know there are combat divers in SF, so, yes, there's a chance to play around in the water in SF, provided you can make it into SF.

SF guys, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there's one UWO trained ODA per Battalion. P.S. just a word of advice; capitalize "SEAL" properly in future if you want to look good.
I just read your intro. As you're already in the Army (mechanic?), yeah, it would make sense to stick with it. ;)
From all the accounts that I've heard, the CDQC is a very hard course. It'll take a lot of preparation. Getting into SF will be hard enough, but passing the CDQC will be an additional difficulty. Just focus on the 25m target first though... getting through SFAS and the Q Course. You can always put more focus on the CDQC after you make it in, if you do.
There is one Dive team per company now. But they are never fully manned as not everyone can/wants to be a diver.
Hooah, is the CDQC hard like BUD/S or the stuff the SEALS go through?
I plan on looking up some SEAL training/workout programs in order to consistently condition myself from now and then on.
The air assault qualification course that I went through last week was already hard enough and took me everything I had. Hope I made up there on the OML though.
I think the original question has been sufficiently answered. Thread closed.
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