Eight Years Ago


Dec 11, 2006
On March 4, 2002 Rangers Cpl. Matt Commons, Sgt. Bradley Crose, and Spc. Marc Anderson died attempting to rescue Navy SEAL ABH1 Neal Roberts high on a remote mountaintop ridge in southeastern Afghanistan called Takur Ghar.

In addition to the three Rangers and Roberts, for whom the ridge top became known, TSgt John A. Chapman, Sgt. Phil Svitak, and Airman Jason Cunningham also died on that day.

This day is significant for me because I carry the name of Cpl. Commons on my KIA bracelet. I will never forget the ultimate sacrifice made by these men, who bravely did all they could to fulfill the Ranger Creed, and leave no man behind.

As a civilian I am deeply humbled by their bravery, and thankful for their service to our country.

I hope that you will all take a moment to remember these fine men, say a prayer for their families and friends, and drink a toast to their memory.