Why is'nt EOD part of Special Warfare and does anyone here think that might change someday?
Navy EOD serves as direct support to both NAVSOF and Army SOF units. We do not fall under SOCOM. This has been discussed, however the conventional missions we have supporting big Navy and Big Army have made this a no go in the past. The main benifits, as I see it ar money and training oportunities.
We work with EOD alot and all are solid dudes.

Concur. Most of the EOD guys in my Navy Senior Enlisted Academy class were very solid. Of course, so were the SEABEEs and the SEALs - you know, all the brown dirt sailors. ;)
We had two 2-man Navy EOD teams attached to us downrange. Fucking pros, all 4 of them. After they left. We got two AF EOD teams down range. Each was made up of a girl and a guy. All I can is that the girls were nice to look at.
Why is'nt EOD part of Special Warfare and does anyone here think that might change someday?
If you think clearly
enough,E.O.D., really is an:Counter terror unit. They learn to diffuse bombs,
and terrrorists are all about:bombs etc...:D
They are under NECC along with MDSU's, Seabees, the Mobile Security Squadron fags (MA's that think they're SOF), and the Riverine Squadron fags (QM's, EN's, GM's... that think they're SOF).

EOD and Seabee brass pretty much run the NECC. Why? Because being Expeditionary is what we've always been about before all this "Squadron" stuff. The Squadrons remind me of a fly by night operation, no history, no future. They are cobbled together and have no history or specialized Officer staff, just SWO's that took some orders. These EOD guys and CEC officers have more of a grasp on the happenings in the austere environment in which they operate.

As a Seabee I am glad they are at the tip of the spoon which is the NECC because however hardworking and selfless Seabee's are, it's CEC (Civil Engineer Corps) Officer's are, after all, engineers by trade and they have been known to be complete tools.