First footage of V-22 Osprey in Iraq


Verified Military
Verified Military
Oct 24, 2006
This is a good Story.. The Marines helping the Iraqi People in their Quest to becoming Haij's and Of Course the Osprey;)

An inside source over in Iraq shot me a note yesterday with a link that shows a Marine-produced video telling the story of their assistance in securing routes for Iraqis traveling to the Haaj.

But in it - about half way through - is the first known footage of the Osprey on a deployment. It's just a quick shot, but we'll call it a "proof of life" that the MV-22 is indeed deployed to Iraq and can land safely in the desert (sarcasm).

Also, my bro in Iraq joked with me that he took a ride on an Osprey the other day to the town of Qaim. It was his first time in an Osprey and he was a serious skeptic. On his way back to base, he had to fly aboard a CH-53 and he told me he kept thinking to himself "what the hell is taking so long..." The Osprey's performance changed his mind, as it did for me when I took a ride in one.
'bout time.........

we got that wonderful bird up and running.
Certainly has some bugs, but VTOL is the future of aviation!