France to Form Special Force to Fight Terrorists

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Why not? They only have 1,000 other units already :D

PARIS — France's Interior Ministry says it is grouping its elite police intervention units into a single force to better fight potential terrorist attacks.
Three existing units, comprising a total of 500 people, will be united under a single command. The anti-terrorism group will be called the Intervention Force of the National Police, known by its French initials, FIPN.
The FIPN will share the high-tech equipment currently used by the three existing units and will be able to intervene throughout the country.
Though its specialty is anti-terror operations, the force will also intervene in hostage-takings and provide security at major political or sporting events. The change was announced Tuesday by Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux.,2933,578348,00.html
The French just love bureaucracy. I guess is if shit comes up trumps they can always flip a coin to see who is in charge. Don't they have enough CT already? :rolleyes:
and it shall be called Le J'SOC

You can form all the units you want. Doesn't mean a shit if you don't let them fight.