Fresh Meat


Sep 21, 2022
SOF Pros,

I'm a new guy and thought a quick intro would be appropriate. I recently retired (2021), with 20 a few mos outta Herbie. This past year has been a bit tricky to get used to... transition, employment, civilian life, etc. I am hoping to meet a few good friends and stay connected and as relevant as possible.

A quick summary of my experience - started my career in F-15 maintenance, crosstrained to a 1A2 on C-17's, and then became Combat Aviation Advisor #627. I've completed multiple deployments within SOCCENT, SOCAF, and SOCSOUTH. I closed out my career pushing paperwork at AFSOC HQ where I decided my journey would finally end. I still reside in Florida and continue to train US and Partner Nation forces.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, and complaints. Also, a big thanks to the staff for taking the time to approve my request.