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Apr 11, 2011
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Work out advice for future sniper, I've found some great sites that will get you in great shape for SSP Indoc.
  • Sealgrinderpt.com is a great site if you dont have access to a gym, has a good amount of running and calethenics. Just need to add in some hiking to it. I have a great military athlete gym workout that goes nice with it, that you can do once a week. Great if you dont want to gain much weight or need to just lose some weight. I have a guy where I'm at that needs to lose weight for the indoc, defiantly tell the workouts are helping a lot.
  • Military Athlete operator session is some intense hard gym workouts, hiking and some running. Thats what I've been doing since I've been deployed and had access to a gym. It's great because it has rehab, strength, all sorts of good stuff to build your body the right way. Just need to add little bit more running to it if you try for indoc. It's great workout to do when you get in the plt and need to get strong to carry the loads required. But these workouts aernt free, I believe it's like $25
  • Military Athlete Squad pt is free workouts designed for group of 8 or less people. Its great if you dont have a gym and gives you a list of stuff you need to build to do the workouts. I tried it for a week, very tough just need to make the material to use. Has a good amount of running and hiking. It's pretty well balanced, I'd pick this for pt session for the sniper team.
  • Navyseals.com sealfit wod is a good site, it's well rounded. Will build your strength, stamina, durability just like military athlete, and has good amount of running in it. Also can't go wrong with this one. Just need to add a short hike here and there
  • Brassringfitness which I dont have much experience with personally. But my team mate has been doing it for years. You can defiantly see the change in results that he has gotten from brass ring. Good structure and well rounded.
All those workout sites will help you build yourself correctly and give you a good structure to start and build off from. Just learn the exercises so you dont hurt yourself and you'll be good. I love being a sniper, it's defiantly a passion in my life. It's one thing you actually got to earn to get to in the grunts, It's defiantly worth every ounce of pain getting there. I love helping, so any questions I'll be more then happy to help
Also if your not even in the military yet and still have some times. Crossfit has some good certs that will help teach you the basics and good form. Crossfitendurance has a killer cert for endurance and pose method. Also look up the pose method good stuff
CrossFit- Backed by science and tested in an open forum. Indisputable.
LoL I forget to add crossfit to list. Brassring is crossfit workouts just better structured. Crossfit is what we do in school with a hike or run on friday.
I forgot to add crossfit to list, brassring is basically crossfit just better structured. I defiantly not do crossfit by itself, because it lacks some things. But crossfit/crossfit endurance is a good mix
Until there's someone in the CrossFit Games with a brass ring shirt on beating the CrossFiters- they're just another sub-par gym with all the answers.
Or cringing when the range NCO goes to the shack and brings out several more cans of LC 168gr SB just so you can prove to him you were really shooting butterflies off the 400m iron maidens....yeah, it's..............
Spending hours at home trying to pick all of the thorns out of your body, trying to get the sand and dirt out of every craves and wondering how long it will take for the forearm length scabs to heal……Did you wear flea collars?:-"
Until there's someone in the CrossFit Games with a brass ring shirt on beating the CrossFiters- they're just another sub-par gym with all the answers.

I'd like to point out that the top CF games winners dont even follow the main site WODs, so take that as you will.
Definitely not. I'd say of all the one size fits all internet programs, OPT and CrossFit New England's 'Game's Competitor' programs are the strongest performers. Both of them turn out pretty good numbers of competitors. But for 95% of the military, CrossFit mainsite is sufficient for a year or so of gains- then a strength bias or endurance program will keep you gaining.

Or you can stay with that 95% by eating a shit diet and never be able to progress beyond mediocrity- Diet seems to be the dividing line between an elite athlete and a 'guy who works out all the time.'