G21g4's Intro


Mar 27, 2012
Hello All,

I stumbled across this board last night and decided not to lurk. I've recently chosen to pursue the Army and this site seems to be a wealth of information and people of which to draw from.

About me: Enlisted in the Air Force in 2007, served five out of six years on that enlistment and went through the DOS Rollback (aka RIF). Spending the last days of my terminal leave working a civilian job and thoroughly hating every minute of it. While in the Air Force I was a 2W1 (Aircraft Armament) and spent four years attached to an HH-60 unit at Nellis. Two deployments OEF '10, and OND '11.....most fun I've ever had trapped in a sandbox.

Now onto present day. Talked to two Army recruiters so far and they've both told me the same thing. Right now the Army is only taking prior service individuals for active duty under 18X enlistment contracts. Now I'm not kidding myself, I understand fully that I stand a snowballs chance in hell making it through SFAS my first time through. Especially given the fact that my combat experience is zilch and that there are men out there with pedigrees that go on for pages that don't get selected.

Anyway to end that thought, military to civilian life is like watching HDTV and then going to B&W....nothing compares.