Glory Days: My Life as a Scout/Sniper


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Jan 3, 2007
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[ame=""]YouTube - Glory Days: My Life as a Sniper- USA[/ame]

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Something about that guy's facial expressions just doesn't fit right with what I'd expect from a Marine Corps Scout know, like the "thousand yard stare" that most Warriors that have seen battle have ? :uhh::

we have another whitefeather wannabe in the company i work .for from his bs i doubt he was ever even military let alone a sniper. ive always wanted to take him out and play tag usmc style . guys like that disrespect every person thats ever been in the military.
Is the Scout Sniper Association looking into this? From watching the video I highly doubt he was a Scout Sniper at all. I would be interested in knowing if he was actually in the Corps at all.
It's been said (and I say it often) that the greatest lies have an air of truth about them. After watching this vid, this is one of them.

He may have been in the Corps, but as far as his exploits, he's lying his ass off. My belief is he may have known a sniper or did a little reading, but as for the profile/persona of one, or ever being one, he's full of BS.

Noel Rodriguez. Another in the line of people who have duped the media.
8:22 What the hell is an Eight or Aid sniper??? There weren't that many Marines in Grenada, just the 22nd MEU (BLT 2/8) to my knowledge... so one scout sniper platoon, a recon platoon and I believe a force recon platoon. I haven't seen the whole thing, I don't think I can take this much BS in one sitting.