Green Berets or MARSOC

USS Boogaloo

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Apr 8, 2020
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I decided to pursue the Green Berets verses MARSOC for largely two reasons.

1) MARSOC is not accepting reservists at the time (from what the recruiter told myself and my Sgt) so to go this route I must have a conditional release approved to go Active Duty Marine Corps as my current MOS (3521) which was not very attractive to me in the event that I, for some reason hypothetically, am not selected. I would not want to be stuck as a Motor Transport Mechanic in a very broken peacetime Marine Corps wasting my early years that I could be utilizing for development in the field I desire. From what I've been told, A&S is one and done.

2) After having a long discussion with my mentor (current Green Beret, former Sgt of Marines in the reserves) he enlightened me in an unbiased manner of the differences between all forms of SOF along with the similarities. I gave it a few days to weigh on my brain and ultimately decided Green Beret as it's what seemed right for me. I'm very religious and after meditating on it, I feel it's the path God wants me to pursue.

Do not get me wrong, I would love to be a Raider and serve MARSOC but I believe it's not where I should go. I decided to pursue slaying bodies elsewhere.
I would tell you to go to A&S if you were an active duty Marine. As a reservist... I would take the early release and an 18X contract if you can get it In writing. Just don't quit.
100%, not going to quit. I don't think I'm even capable of that. I already have the cond. release approved just waiting on COVID-19 to fuck off.
Lots of brave internet dudes have spoken these very words before
I believe it and I've seen it before as well so there's not much I can comment on that besides you can never tell the authenticity of words based on the bravado or tone by which their spoken, but by who their spoken by. In this case you don't know who spoke them so who knows how authentic they are besides myself. I can assure you I don't quit and will not quit. Getting selected may be one instance alone but at the very least I will make it to the point where they inform me whether or not I was selected.