Verified Military
Oct 6, 2011
Fort Bragg, NC
Hello everyone,

I came to this forum a few day ago, but I guess to revamping the website I had to re-register. So in case you didn't read last time I am currently a 91B (wheel vehicle mechanic) looking to switch my MOS to 37F. I have been accepted into the school and looking for the spring time to start my class up. I have been looking for more information on what to expect from this job and was hoping to network with others that currently hold that MOS. I have not been able to meet a variety of people that are qualified so my information right now is lacking personal experience.

I have been reading a lot from this site and also feel that it will help me become more prepared and educated on pushing myself to find my limitations. This site so far has opened my eyes and I hope that it will be able to show me what the "other" side of the military is like.