Greetings from 2d Reconnaissance Bn Association

Man O War 6

Mar 10, 2011
Hello everyone
My name is Tim Tuomey and I served with 2d Recon Bn (Bravo 2) from 87 to 90. I current serve as an acting board member for our association. This is our home site just incase there might be a few 2d reconners on board. I really like the data and information on the site. Looking forward to interacting with the group.

I hope I'm doing this right with the introduction.

RIP Cpl (ATL) Stanton KIA - 3/4/11

Semper Fi
Tim Tuomey
Thanks guys. Really well done platform. I've gone ahead and posted the SS site on our internal forums. A few of my brothers where not aware of the content. Should see a few of us "dented cans" show up pretty soon. Thanks for the warm welcome.