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Sep 9, 2006

U.S. goes after Haqqani network

The Obama administration has launched the opening salvos of a new, more aggressive approach toward an Afghan insurgent group it asserts is supported by Pakistan’s government, senior administration officials said.
A CIA drone strike Thursday killed three members of the Haqqani network, including a senior official, and additional strikes Friday left four insurgents dead. The attacks in Pakistan were carried out near Haqqani headquarters in the North Waziristan capital of Miran Shah, a city rarely targeted in the past because of the difficulty of finding well-concealed insurgent leaders and the possibility of civilian deaths in an urban area.
I'm a little surprised the president approved this, but glad to see it. He earned a few points with me (though he's still in the hole overall).

You'd think Sirajewddin (Yes, I deliberately misspell his name) would learn from UBL, Al-Awlaki, and the others that it will take some time, but he and his father have dates with either JSOC or an AGM-114.
Since it's a giant shithole that no one would want to visit any way, we should just level that whole area and tell PK that they can consider it a gift for them to build from scratch.
This next year is going to be very interesting. I wonder how active the fighting is going to be through the winter....