Hello and Intro

Dave Spurlock

Apr 28, 2016
Hey guys,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity be among you all in this forum.

I'm an old worn out guy that retired in Dec 2012 after about 30 yrs. I used about because of the Constructive time, Reserve time and etc. You know, "Close enough for government work."

I enlisted back in 1984 as an AT Aircrewman in the Navy. After bootcamp in San Diego I headed to Millington, then Aircrew school in P'cola and then E-2C aircraft specific training in Norfolk. And with that, here comes the first sea story. My first exposure to SOF folks came right after boot camp. I came into the Navy when I was 27 so as soon as graduation was over, some of my San Diego friends took me over to Coronado to celebrate. During the drink-a-thon I ended up talking with three guys at the bar and they told me about their military experiences since boot camp and they shared a trick with me about PCS'ing and advance pay when you PCS. They were traveling to Millington the next day on one of the old C-9's and told me I could hop on that flight and save the plane ticket boot camp had given to me. Turns out they were a couple of SEALs. Anyway, long story shortened, that is how my early Navy insider education started.

Once I got to Norfolk, I end d up meeting a bunch more SEALs when we used to go drinking at "The Ship's Wheel" near Little Creek. They motivated me to start preparing for the try outs which I did but when my package went to the Detailer, he denied my application because at that time the AT rate was under manned and he wouldn't release me. Nevertheless, I maintained my friendships throughout my my time there in Norfolk.

I made it up to Senior Chief (after I had transferred to the West Coast) and then got selected for the LDO program. I was an Aviation Maintenance LDO 6330. I ended up retiring in Dec of 2012. I was a LCDR.

Thanks again for letting me connect with you guys and I'll start working on my vetting stuff.

Dave Spurlock