Hello Everyone!


Jun 7, 2012
"Ipse Oppugnat e Nubibus" (He attacks from the clouds).

Hello classmates, I am 21 years old, married, and enjoying Europe.

On April 15, 2009 I left home for Basic Combat Training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri, which was far from home, in every aspect of the expression. I completed BCT in June 2009, and was immediately shipped to Fort Gordon, Georgia to become a 25B, Information Technology Specialist. I graduated from 25B School in December 2009 and found myself in Bamberg, Germany in January 2010 were I currently reside. I am the Local Area Network Manager, Information Assurance Manager, Information Management Officer, Systems Administrator on Unclassified (NIPR), Classified (SIPR), and Coalition (BICES), Web Author and Knowledge Management Officer.I have been to several countries including France, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium.

Certifications I hold:

•CompTIA Security+ - June 2010.
•CompTIA Network+ - December 2010.
•EC-Council C|EH (Certified Ethical Hacker) - May 2011.
•EC-Council CNDA (Computer Network Defense Architect) - May 2011
•MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) -December 2011

IT Classes I have been to in Europe:

•Certified Information Systems Security Professional DoD 8570.1 (CISSP) – 40 Hours

•Office 2007 and SharePoint Integration – 40 Hours

•Microsoft Certified Information Technology Professional (MCITP) – 40 Hours

•Cisco Certified Network Associate Boot Camp (CCNA) – 40 Hours

•Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITILv2011) Executive Overview -8 hours

•CompTIA Security+

•CompTIA Network+

•SIGINT '12 (Signal Interrupt) which is a "hacking" conference which is sponsored by the Chaos Computer Club to which I am a member.

I am also currently a semester away from obtaining my Associate's of Science in Computer Information Science with a major in Network Security.

Studying to take within the next year: CHFI, CISSP, CCNA, Linux+,

I will be reclassifying into a new MOS 35Q-Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist in two weeks when it is released Army Wide.

I have a strong background in various operating systems from Linux to Unix to Solaris to MAC OS X to Windows. I also have a strong background in networking, network security, computer repair, social engineering, and penetration testing. Always remember--security is only there to keep the honest people honest. One man's determination can defeat an Army's technology.
I sincerely hope with all those qualifications that you didn't use your real name or even close to it as your User name. If so, one of the Administrator's can change it for you.
Welcome and thanks for the resume, are you looking for a job? ;)

Until I sign my life away again for 35Q, I'm still open to new opportunities. :) Oh, and that wasn't quite my Resume either, just a basic intro I use for my college classes (I forgot to delete "Hello Classmates") :). I do need my username changed though, I clicked through the signup when I was half asleep after seeing the message someone published about the new MOS.
You just made a Chinese intel officer cream his jeans with that intro. :ROFLMAO:

The Chinese have more Information Security Professionals then we have teachers in all of America...this information is easily obtainable for them. Plus, I only let people see what I want them to see. My online footprint with my real name is very small (all my professional info is consolidated with my Resume on LinkedIN, where I can monitor those who see my profile). Besides, after finding other peoples' PII in dumpsters and laying on the ground on AND off post....I don't think that me posting a professional "snapshot" is that revealing. Nothing FOUO or Classified in my post. :)

Welcome, but at the same time... dude, you're johnny security manager yet you don't know anything about PERSEC?

Thank you. I didn't release any PII that couldn't be obtained on Google or with a little hacking.
Welcome to the site. How'd that LinkedIn account work out for you with the recent security breach? Hopefully your password was better than your PERSEC awareness. ;)
If you want a different username, post what you want it to be here and I'll change it for you. Remember to use that username next time you try to log in.
OK I'm going to change it for you now. The next time you log in, that username should be in effect.