Hello from "Houdini11"


Verified Military
Mar 14, 2011
Hmm where to start. I joined the ARMY in 2007 on the day of my 17th birthday with a signature and kick in the ass from my parents. My Primary MOS is 15U - CH47 Helicopter Repairer. First duty station was Fort Hood, Tx. where I did a year long deployment to Iraq and am currently on one in Afghanistan. I have been on flight status since I reported to Ft. Hood starting as a door gunner and progressing through Crew Chief and am currently holding the title Flight Engineer. I am currently 21 years old and a SGT. Upon return I will be moving up to Fort Lewis, WA. to join the infamous 160th S.O.A.R.
My short term goals are to finish this deployment, graduate Green Platoon and report to 160th.
Long term goals are to attend SFAS and be on an ODA team by 2014.
Any other questions about me feel free to ask.
Join the Air Force

They were the first branch I approached, they laughed at my age then hung up the phone... :(

They did say I could branch transfer once I was MOSQ'd though.

I figure an MOS like that is my retirement from footslogging job, and I've still got a year or two of that left in me yet.
Gotta admit, it is fun shooting shit up hanging off the ramp. But like all jobs after a while it becomes routine unfortunately.