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Jun 21, 2012
Houston, Texas
Hello Everyone,

I'm 24, from East Texas, and a graduate of The University of Oklahoma. I'm currently working in the oil and gas industry, but have recently felt the calling to join the military. I have set my sights on earning a SEAL contract, going to BUD/S, and becoming a Navy SEAL.

I'm here to listen, learn, and be inspired by the SS community. I've been lurking here for a couple of months, and am learning from all of you. Now that I have registered, I look forward to conversing some with you all (but mainly just lurking).

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.


1. Right now I'm doing a combination of the NSW Physical Training Guide, the Navy SEAL BUD/S Warning Order, and Crossfit style training. I PT twice a day, 6 days per week. Mornings I go running, and afternoons are either Push-Sit-Pull or an olympic lift and a Crossfit workout. When I'm not out on a rig or if there is a pool near the rig (not often), I alternate running and swimming. The combat side-stroke is definitely my weakness at the moment. Many times on Saturday I will substitute a ruck for the run.

On top of that I'm reading up on mental toughness, and trying to incorporate what I learn into my workouts. I have terrible self-talk during many workouts, and I'm working on turning that negativity around. I've found the info at the SEALFIT blog to be very helpful.

2. I have been scouring the internet, mainly the SEAL/SWCC site, learning what steps I will need to take to accomplish my goals. I haven't yet spoken with a recruiter because I feel that I'm not far along enough in my preparations to take that step. Other than PT my 25m target is to transition to an office role in my job, or save up enough cash to quit altogether, so that I can focus on training and have consistent access to a pool.

I hope this answered your questions, and please let me know if there is a something I have overlooked, or an area in which I'm deficient.

The combat side-stroke is definitely my weakness at the moment. Many times on Saturday I will substitute a ruck for the run.

You will want to fix this ASAP, as I'm sure you know. Work on your weak-side CSS, freestyle stroke, and swimming with fins. You will do a lot of all 3 at BUD/S. Work on 50-100m sprint repeats in the pool using the CSS, weak-side CSS, and freestyle and 200m-800m sprints on land. Learn how to swim using just the arm pull of the CSS and just the leg kick. BUD/S is not all LSD stuff. Also, there is zero rucking at BUD/S until maybe 3rd Phase. So you do not need to ruck.
2 things

1) You're going to want to stock up on tactical turtlenecks (I suggest black) before going to BUD/S. It will pretty much guarantee your success. :D
2) Check out SOFWOD for some good workouts as well

Sounds like you are doing the physical work necessary to prepare yourself. You've also identified a weakness that you need to improve on. CDG and Skrewz gave good advice on workouts. You should use their suggestions to improve your results. Best of luck to you in achieving your goal.
CDG - Thanks for the tips, especially swimming with just arms / just legs.

DasBoot - Thanks and glad to see another Archer fan!

Screwz - I just placed my order for 100 "tacticalnecks" via Amazon, and I'm pretty sure my PT scores have improved already! :D But seriously, thanks for the the link, I had not heard of SOFWOD before, and it looks like good stuff.

Warchief - Roger that, and thank you.

Again, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.

Geologist or mud engineer? ;)

I started out rough neckin' on gas rigs in Eastern OK/ Western AR. My driller always told me, especially right before an 8-hour "trip", that I needed to get back in school so I didn't have to work on the floor anymore.

I did. :thumbsup:

Good luck.