Rock Lobsta

Aug 4, 2012
Hi guys,

I a student in Western Canada right now studying Engineering.

After I get my degree I wish to serve in the military, and if I stay long enough attempt to join some time of SOF community ;)

In my long term goals is to use my planned Engineering Degree to join CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence) in its intelligence or science department. I would also like to find work in a technology or defense research/development company.

I enjoy reading articles on the GWOT and SOF which is what brought me here. I also enjoy military fiction but I like to think I know the difference between Chuck Norris and a SEAL operator.

After lurking ShadowSpear and reading the articles, I decided to join the forum to learn and I hope to learn alot here while not offending anyone or being too nosy about certain things.

I suggest you narrow down your chosen path and stick with it. After a career in the military it is entirely possible to move on to the private sector or CSIS (there are other places as well) but that's a a long way off. If you want to do that, then I suggest you look into that now and not the military. Short term goals, lots of things happen between now and target. ;)

What school are you at and what type of engineering degree?
What school are you at and what type of engineering degree?

I am going into Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BCIT. I may finish my degree at a University as it may be wiser for future in the military or my career.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! *just realized all my grammar mistakes in my intro post, sorry if I sounded like an idiot
Congratulations on graduating!

Best of fortune to you in your pursuits.
Congratulations, and thanks for getting back with us. We really like seeing this kind of career updates. Best of luck!!