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Mar 2, 2010
I work in the child abuse field and have done investigations of child abuse but am more administration now. No military experience, but am interested in supporting the military (have sent care packages thru anysoldier.com and soldiersangels.com). Have some family members who were in the Army and a friend in the Air Force. Just here to learn more about the military for personal interest.

Thank you for your support of the troops and your support of the innocent victims back home

Welcome aboard.

I knew a detective who worked in your field, seems like a very needed but shitty job, one I'm grateful not to have so my hat is off to you.

Thank you for what you do.

Personally I think kiddie fuckers should be publicly hung but hey I'm old school and out of touch with the world today :rolleyes:
Welcome to the site. One of my former players is an investigator for DCYS here and he has a very tough job; so I appreciate the work that you are doing...

Keep supporting the troops!
G day and keep up the work mate
@ pardus, Im not that old and im with you mate maybe we could think of somthing a little more deserving for those pricks tho
Lewy, I never like to hold back new ideas and people's creativity }:-)
Not open for further replies.