HK45 replacing MK23?


Jun 15, 2009
Hey I don't believe this has much to do with OPSEC so I was just wodering if what I was reading not to long ago if the SEAL Teams are adopting HK45s in place of MK23s?

I know, stupid question but I'm a bit of a gun nut.

P.S. looks like I'm leaving in January for boot.
Here's what I have heard, from reliable sources inside of NSW and inside SF.

The Hk Mk23's from the SEAL teams where all sent back to Crane. I believe it was a Command decision, yet some SEAL teams or possibly only platoons refused to send their back.

SF Teams, or possibly the USASFCOM requested them and recieved some of them. In all there where only about 2600 pistols and their respective suppressors and LAMs where put into service in 1996.

You'd have to ask someone inside of SF if any of them are actually being taken down range or if merely used to garner more .45 ACP ammunition for other platforms. One SF guy that I know has said that he's seen them on the ranges with SF guys. If that even means anything.

The Hk45 it's self does not have a threaded barrel for a suppressor unless NSW has gone the route to have Hk supply them modified to outfit with a suppressor. At this time I do not believe the Teams have these.

Maybe one of the current SEALs can shed more light on the subject.
Another thing I will say regarding the Mk23 OHG was that is was produced, tested and manufactured with undue influence from the Navy/SEAL Teams.

It's nicknames are the "Boat Anchor" "Horse that a special committee made into a camel" and "Divot Fixer" ( GolF anology)

It's merits ? 110% reliable in any condition you can imagine. Accurate ? One of the most if not the most accurate "Out of the box" pistols you'll ever find.

I used to moderate a forum called There where several SEALs that either loved the pistol and it's components or flat out hated it. There didn't seem to be any "in between" affection for the weapon system.

I owned one for years, with two different suppressors and I finally traded it for a high end 1911.

Colt and Hk submitted their designs for RFP and Colt produced a very unimaginitive 1911 with a longer grip to accomdate 12 rounds and a seperate decoking lever. It was the worst thing I've ever seen from Colt.
Thanks, I was just curious I was lookinh around at the HK45's and I do know they make a model that accepts a suppressor.

I only asked cause I've seen it on a few other forums but none of them I consider all too reliable, much on a few of them is just rumors.
I haven't heard anything about NSW adopting the Hk45 as a replacement to the Mk23 Offensive Handgun system.

I do know that some SEALs where a bit ticked that NSW hadn't secured another suppressed pistol platform before having their Hk Mk23's sent back to Crane.

I enjoyed mine very much, especially shooting suppressed. It is a big honker but it is reliable.