Howdy there


Jan 9, 2011
Simi Valley, CA
Hello all of Shadowspear forum, I'm not all that great at introductions, but I guess I'll start out by how I came across this site. Well, I was googling multicam, and came across a thread on here, and after readin that thread, I started to browse this site a little, I was readin everythin I could on it, it sort of interested me, so I thought I'd sign up. I'm also in the process of being in the Army, waiting to ship out to basic in a few months, I plan on becoming an MP in the Army, or join the Marines, I'm unsure what 3 years will bring me. I'm not really sure what else to type here, I like movies, camouflage, knives, guns, movies, music. I hope this is good enough. Oh, if anyone can help me out, with a military related avatar so I can use on here, I would much appreciate it. :)