Aug 26, 2019
I'll be quick because brevity is great. I love to push myself to my limits in activities like mountain biking, solo camping, skydiving, surfing, etc.. I went to college in the Midwest and finished in 3 years (took full course loads every summer) just so I could spend about a year hiking and discovering the National Parks. Sidenote- You have to check out Mesa Verde in SW Colorado if you get the chance- stunning. My weakness is probably the fact that I really enjoy going to bars and tossing back some brews, gaming the ladies there in my uniquely inept manner. My saying is "if I approach 100 hot girls and bang one of them, I banged a hot chick. the end." I also have been taking classes in Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing for well over 10 years now. I was actually a pretty great basketball player in high school; I played varsity PG all four years, began starting Sophomore year, and by my Senior season I was 2nd Team All-State. I always got a kick out of African American players underestimating me, then crossing up my defender and (hopefully) throwing down a nice lil dunk on play 1.

I took a practice ASVAB and, honestly, it was easier than the ACT. That's saying something, because my high school GPA was 3.55 but my 35/36 on the ACT got me into the school that my father, mother, grandfather, great-grandfather and sister all went to. Thee download.png Ohio State University. Scarlet and Gray all day, and I guess camo now too.