IDF to Form Palestinian SOF


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Aug 14, 2007
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Israel may allow creation of crack Palestinian counter-terror squad to check Hamas

Jerusalem, July 11 (ANI): The Israeli Defence Force is considering allowing the Palestinians to establish a specially trained counter-terror squad, qualified to carry out pinpoint operations against Hamas terrorist cells in the West Bank. Such a force would be able to carry out special operations against Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist infrastructure in the West Bank more effectively than the existing Palestinian security forces.

The French have already offered to train such a team, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The decision to consider the establishment of such a team was made following the Palestinian Authority’s operation against a Hamas cell in Kalkilya last month, during which five Hamas terrorists and four members of the US-trained Palestinian security force were killed.

The four Palestinian battalions trained by the United States in Jordan are already deployed in the West Bank and were taught how to enforce law and order and conduct regular police-like operations, but were not given military training.

Their equipment consists of pistols and Kalashnikov rifles, and the content of their training is approved by Israel.

The IDF is therefore considering allowing the establishment of a small, elite Palestinian squad that would be capable of conducting operations like the one in Kalkilya more effectively and with fewer casualties.

The army recently vetoed a PA request to receive explosives training. The Palestinians also asked Israel for permission to set up an advanced military communication system. (ANI)