Illuminated Reticle Color


Verified Military
Sep 7, 2006
So red is traditional but apparently Green is the best color to be seen by the eye.

Green is also the color of a lot of the environment (albeit not lit etc...)

Amber is out there too though I haven't seen one in person.

So what is 'best'? What do you prefer?
Red is faster to acquire for me than green or amber. I seem to shoot moving targets, and target transition a lot better with Red as well.

NVG’s pick up the light transfer of the reticle not the color of it, hints the IR or low vis setting on most optics.

ETA: My experience with Green and Amber reticle has been during good lighting conditions (civi range time), so I can’t really comment on the night use. Red worked just fine for me, but I honestly either used my IR or a visible laser with NVG’s during night ops. I have used visible green lasers at night and they are a lot more visible/easier to pick up then the red lasers in low lighting conditions. That is a double edged sword though (what you can see easy the enemy sees the same) Always use IR whenever possible.
I have only ever used red. I would be curious to try amber and green though to see how I do.
In daylight red will have the most contrast as compared to your background. I personally wouldn't care for amber in the desert and didn't like the few times I've used a green dot on a pistol back in FL. One thing that matters to me, may not to anyone else, but I have red dots on everything I own for the commonality. The size of the dots may vary, dot vs. donut/ mil-hash marks, but all of it is red.