Immigration Reform

Potential cabinet pick accidentally shows photographers homeland security plan that redefines arrested illegals as 'criminals' and deputizes cops to help deport them | Daily Mail Online

Note to self...those camera's reporters use are not toys...


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"Umm....isn't it a crime to be in the country illegally? I get that it is not that simple, but it seems like a bit of a Catch-22 to me. Law enforcement does not want to go after illegals because they think it will keep them from talking to the police- which will cause the police to solve less crimes. BUT....if the illegals were not head is starting to spin."

We local/State don't enforce federal immigration law. But, once in custody for a crime, if status is questioned during booking....we just call the ICE number that is staffed 24/7 and a detainer is placed on them, happens 24/7/365. While many cities might be "Sanctuary cities" most counties are not and usually book the cities felony suspects....

Unfortunately, that's not the case everywhere. Philadelphia is both a city and county; we house our own prisoners (with some exceptions due to space).

My first instinct was that it was deliberate. People are making fun of the guy while simultaneously spreading his message and giving his policy coverage in a way it wouldn't have otherwise gotten.
Yep, was thinking the same thing. There is no reason you would have that paper, facing out, and outside of the portfolio.

Right, this is not exactly classified information, these are policy proposals that Trump talked about all during the campaign: deport illegals with criminal records, bar entry of potential terrorists, and upgrade the vetting process.
"Oh look at how stupid the Trump people are, let's broadcast their policy proposals to the whole world!!! We're the wittiest journalists and bloggers EVAR!!"

Meanwhile in the Trump administration...

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