Infamous 18X


Nov 7, 2020
Hey Everyone,
I'm new as a member, but have been using this forum for about a year and a half to educate myself and pick the best path. Signed my 18X contract in October '19, hoping to be one of the "good ones". I know how this program is viewed sometimes, and there are definitely some guys who don't belong so I'm doing my best to work my way up to the standard.

I've completed Infantry OSUT and Airborne School. I start SFPC very soon. Here's where I stand now physically...
APFT: 299/300​
Push-Ups – 77​
Sit-Ups – 79​
2 Mile Run – 13:05​
Note: This was about 6 weeks ago. Not my best performance. I took this the day I got off an 8-week profile from a sprained ankle at Airborne (last jump luckily). I only had 2-3 short runs (<2 miles) in that time frame. Also, for about 5 of the 8 weeks we had no access to gym equipment between quarantines and room restriction. No excuses though. I definitely could have done better on squats/push-ups/sit-ups during that time.​
6 Mile Ruck @ 60 lbs – 1:09:06 (11.5 Min Pace – Very happy with this.)​
3 Mile Gravel Run – 20:43​
5 Mile Road Run – 36:31 (Taking another one tomorrow)​
I'm finally getting to the point where I can begin running on my own time. My shin splints and calf pain after being thrown into some pretty solid PT without running for 8 weeks fucked me up pretty good. Got a hand held rolling pin that's helped tremendously. Recovery times are increasing, cardio is improving, and strength is increasing.

After SFPC, I go to HBL, Quarantine, then Selection sometime late Jan/early Feb. Over block leave, I'll be climbing some of the mountains around Vegas and blowing some shit up in the desert hopefully. Addicted to getting my goat legs, so running probably every day.

Short term goal is to get my 5 Mile below 35 minutes, recover from rucks and runs within 24 hours, and strengthen my core to handle the load of the ruck runs better. Long term, I want to get my 2 mile below 12 minutes (12:30 was my best in OSUT). And cadre said all the cherry GB's get picked by the ODA's like a draft based on PT Scores. So if I'm good enough to get selected, I want to break 100+ for the push-ups and sit-ups.

I know most of this is just PT shit, but I know this is also what counts at SFAS. Appreciate you guys taking the time to read what I have to say, and I'm looking forward to getting to know some of you.
Welcome aboard and the best of fortune to you with your profession.

I hope to hear of your future successes.

Now, go and drive on....