Info on ANG CCT pipeline 2020-future


Jul 4, 2020
Hello everyone,

I’m looking to, hopefully, fill some informational gaps in regards to the CCT pipeline for the ANG. I understand that the training itself is identical to AD; more the in betweens and changes that have been made. If any members could help enlighten me, I would appreciate it.
I’ve watched most of the Ones Ready podcasts, which is an amazing resource, thank you to the guys doing it; however, much of the info relates to AD. I have not spoken to a recruiter, as I am at least 2 years out from embarking on this journey. I would like to gain as much knowledge prehand; also, I’ve heard many recruiters are either uninformed or may bend the truth either to meet quota, or laziness.

My questions are:

1) While researching the new A&S structure, I found that you can no longer contract into a specific pipeline, it’s now under an umbrella; depending how you do in selection, determines whether you choose the job you wanted or get one chosen for you based on the needs of the AF. While listening to a PJ Youtuber, he stated that this only applies to AD and not to Guard. Is this statement true?

2) General Discharge, on YouTube, stated in their Marine Recon video about how in BRC you get some weekends off. Other resources like r/USMCboot have mentioned that schools are spread apart in the Recon Reserves pipeline, giving some breathing room. Is it similar for the CCT pipeline as far as the ANG side?
I ask because I have a son; getting some real world expectations on seeing him would help both myself, and my family who would be watching him/transporting him to see me.

3) I read an article about the op-tempo for ANG (which from other sources in the SF community, is similar to SF NG in relation) is incredibly high; sometimes even more so than AD. While I understand and accept I may be deployed, the point of choosing the Guard, or Reserves, is to be able to lead both lives. Is this accurate?

While CCT is my primary goal and what I’ve been focusing on, I’ve also been researching the reserve pipeline into Force Recon. I’ve been actively comparing pro’s/con’s of both choices to see which would best suit my position. One of my best friends is former 1st Recon from during the invasion, and has been helping me train in the water, along with info into the Recon side. While both pipelines share similarities, prioritizing one and training/studying, for that, would be better.

Thank you for any wisdom and info.
Frankly, I wouldn't give this a thought. You are at least 2 YEARS out. A lot can happen in those two years. I understand, you want info so you can make decisions, but 2 years is a lot of time. Things can change within months and you've made decisions with potentially bad info.
That is an amazingly good point sir, thank you. I’ll keep training and repost if these questions are still relevant/unanswered at that date.