International Special Training Centre


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Jan 3, 2007
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The International Special Training Centre (ISTC), Generaloberst-von-Fritsch-Kaserne, Pfullendorf, Germany provides specialized training to both US Forces personnel and personnel from other NATO countries.
Courses are offered in the areas of patrolling, survival, reconnisance, medical and plans. Specific course discriptions and schedules are available from the drop down listing below.
Priority for allocations are special operations forces and long-range surveillance units. However, allocations are also given to cavalry, reconnaissance and scout elements. These exceptions are indicated in the course description pages. Participants must have at least skill-level 20 in their MOS, except for the special ops and long-range surveillance personnel. The Combat Survival with Resistance to Interrogation Course (SKF) is the only course that requires a security clearance (see SKF course description).
Contact your Schools NCO for information on the course allocations allotted to your command and information on applying to attend any of the courses offered.
The Following Nations will participate: Belgium, Danmark, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway,Turkey, Germany and USA.
The UK was also present but withdrew some years ago.

And a web site (only in German - sorry):!!