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Sep 10, 2019
Hello all.

Just a dude who wanted to go to BUD/s. Got dq'd in boot for color. took the falant to contract at meps when it was apparently phased out, big news in P-days when I got the stamp of doom, cried like a bitch in front of 5 chiefs. Endless trips to legal led to no avail, I was a corpsman now.
Shit hot in A school, 2nd in class, maxed prt's, got mapped to HM3. Command recognition for me is top tier I'm the next runner up to possibly get an in-fleet package approved, life's good up until august of 2019. Long story short I was involved with the wrong girl, tore my shit up and threw me away like trash. have never been played so hard in my life.

ended with a DUI.... DRB, XOI, MAST.... BUD/s is gone, sarc is gone, dmt is gone, wont even get a marine billot.
Lurking this forum because I honestly have lost my identity. my entire purpose was I thought to go to BUD/s and i threw it away because some bitch had my heart strings, never was even the girlfriend type. The looming thought that maybe if all it took was a girl to completely derail my devotion to the teams then i was never meant to be with the boys anyway. Got anxiety out the ass, barely sleep anymore, suicidal most days.
It's comforting to just kinda read what you guys are up to and whats goin on in SOF, helping me through a tough time.


Verified Military
Sep 12, 2012
Welcome and best of success to you as you continue to live your best life.