Intro - civilian


Mar 30, 2011
Farmville, VA
Hello all,
I'm currently a student, but graduating in May. I intend to pursue an 18x contract within the next year. I will probably be lurking around this site a lot now, so feel free to send me a pm.
Use the search button. It is your friend. If you do not use the search button, pain-torture-agony-and despair will be visited upon you. Research your questions and see if they are already answered... I might become your enemy if you ask questions that have been answered multiple times. 99.9% of the info you want is here, if you take the initiative to find it. There are questions that you have that will be wholly ignored by the BTDTs - or you will be verbally slammed for asking them - you have no need to know some things. Read, a lot, and search... see who has gotten kudos and who has been slammed - and why...

Read profiles beforre you get all butt hurt if you get slammed - you would be surprised at the breadth and depth of experience and qualifications answering your queries on this board.

Now go do PT and focus on your 25m targets.
This is exciting. It seems like you guys are really interested in what goes on around here and maintaining a familiar community. I'm not new to the forum atmosphere so I've learned to use the search option for most inquiries, but thanks for the reminder. Yes, I am looking right now at Get Selected as it sits on my desk, but I've only read most of it. As far as "Gvegas," its the screen name I've had since as far back as I can remember. I'm from Greenville, NC and we have self-dubbed the area Gvegas. The 88 is my birth year 1988.