Intro from MarSoc hopefull

Jul 27, 2010
MCAS Miramar
Hey everyone, I came across this website while surfing the web today, a little bit about me, I'm an AVI Tech at MCAS Miramar. I just met with MarSoc recruiters yesterday and got my pre-assignment to A&S, currently I am working on the package you have to fill out, hopefully I can get it done by next month, because they want to send me to A&S January. I am a LCpl with 2 months on station, so anyone out there who doesn't think they can go because of that, your wrong. I Potentially will be going to A&S 5 months before my 2 year in service date. Let alone on station. If your moto and have a high PFT and GT score. Contact the recruiters. I promise, the presentation they give, is motivating as hell!