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Dec 7, 2017
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How's it going everyone, let me start by saying the info I have found on here the past few years has been immensley helpful. That being said, I figured it was time I finally sign up and get more plugged in.

I'm prior enlisted, 5 years as an 0331 in the Corps. I was in from Feb '10 to Dec '14. Did two combat deployments with 3/9, first to Marjah from Dec '10 to July '11 as a 240 Gunner with India Company. Second in Khanashin from Oct '12 to Jun '13 as a Vehicle Commander in CAAT. Last deployment was a UDP to Okinawa with 1/8 SSP. (Was with the platoon for 1.5 years and we never got one school seat, I was first in line to go but that's a different story and one of many that the green weenie has gotten the best of better men as I'm sure many of you on here can attest to.)

Anyway, I've been out for about three years now and have been enrolled in college since two weeks after I got out. I will graduate at the end of this spring semester. After about 6 months of being in school I realized I wanted to get back in, to strive for something high level and challenging where I would be working with good dudes and getting the most out of myself so naturally that means SOF. For the past few years I have talked to countless people about it and done hours of research to get me to the point I am at today.

That point is leaning towards obtaining an 18X contract. I feel either SF or MARSOC would be the better fit for me and what I hope to do based on what I know of all the different SOF communities. My heart will always be in the Corps but the fact of the matter is that there is no contractual guarantee that I will get to go to A&S if I reenlist with the Corps, they simply don't offer it. Plus many have told me that they feel SF is more established and organized since they have been around longer. I would be proud as hell to don the Raider pin or the Green Beret, either goal means a great deal to me. However my fear lies in reenlisting to the Corps and submitting an A&S package only to be on a B billet hit-list from a monitor or some other green weenie BS. So I'm at a bit of a crossroads and need some real guidance on which route to take, not some underground stuff or recruiter half-ass advice. I have talked with guys I know who are still in and look up to and have sought their advice but I need guidance from this community.

In typical small Corps fashion, my local recruiter is a guy I deployed with and I have taken my reenlistment package with him and the Army recruiter as far as I can without deciding which side of the house to commit to. I qualify to reenlist in either branch and I've checked all of those boxes just so everyone on here understands where I am at in the process. I will graduate in May, so I still have some time but I would really appreciate any input from everyone on here, it seems like no matter how much you research, even on here, the best answers you get are from direct responses and at times I know guys have offered to meet up with those in need on here. That's the kind of looking out for another that I miss being a part of, authentic care for a brother in need.

Playing rugby for my school has filled the void of brotherhood for me since I've been out and has kept me in good shape and provided challenge and discipline. While I have done well with that and loved every bit of it, I can't wait to graduate and get back in. Apologies for the long introduction but I figure it was better to be thorough right from the start than too vague, I'd regret not taking full advantage of the community on here. Thanks in advance guys, appreciate what you do here.