INTRO / Looking for Recon Marines in TN/AL area

Sep 29, 2010
Murfreesboro, TN

I'm the Marine Officer Selection Officer, or OSO (basically an officer recruiter), for Tennessee. I find and prep college kids for OCS/TBS, et al.

I am trying to find former operators in the Middle TN or nearby area, who might be willing to donate their time & skills for a training event. Any SF-types would be cool to have but I am specifically looking for former recon, force, MARSOC guys who still have a passion for fieldcraft, weapons/tactics instruction, survival, and all that fun stuff.

Here's the deal: for officers, they generally get on an infantry/intel track and do a tour in a FMF unit and then apply for recon/MARSOC from there. So I get a lot of candidates who ask about it but it is a ways off for them and they have to prove themselves in an infantry battalion first so we recommend they prepare and look at it down the road. So, it's always been a point of interest, but now, with all of these new survival shows and "Surviving the Cut," there's been a proliferation of interest in the SpecOps community. If I could get a real, live gunslinger in front of my candidates for a few classes they would damn near pee themselves.

If anyone who has the credentials and lives nearby is interested, please give me a call at 615-336-3103, respond to this thread, or email me at and I can explain further.

Appreciate it.
Welcome aboard sir! Have you thought of 4th Recon in Smyra, Ga? That might be a bit of a stretch but I thought they may have an 0321 commuting out of TN who could help you.