Intro - SOF hopeful


Nov 6, 2019

I am a 32 year old planning to one day become part of the SOF community. Since high school I’ve hope to join the Marines and become infantry because I wanted to first in the fight. I even did the Marine devil pup program when I was 15 years old. However the furtherest I got was speaking to several recruiters and mock ASVAB exams. Every year I hate myself for not joining and shamelessly blame life. Now I’m married and about to start a nursing program for my associate degree in nursing. Fortunately my wife is on board for me fulfilling my life dreams of serving, at least for now.

I’m here simply because I google CRNA special forces and this site posted exactly what I was interest in. I hope to be one day part of the Air Force Special Operation Surgical Team. This is a life fulfilling dream, the be all you can be ultimate goal for me. I hoping this site can give me some guidance, encouragement, and plain truths of what it takes to make it all possible.

Thank you to all who has serve and still serve.