Verified SOF
Apr 11, 2011
West of Charlotte, NC
Here's my intro via an abbreviated bio:

1/509th Airborne Battalion Combat Team (ABCT) Vicenza Italy 11H

1/503 Infantry Ft Cambell, KY

Pathfinder Company Ft Cambell, KY


5th SFGA

USAJFKSWCS (various instructor & staff positions)


Served on a HALO team, CT/DA, etc.

"Pistol Pete" is the cheesy nickname I earned due to being pretty decent with one at the time and having out-shot my Team Sergeant during a comp as a FNG.

Retired and missing it!

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Cheers bros! :)
With regard to your email, we have no way of knowing who can vouch for you on this site...
Noobs who are contemplating SOF and happen to be reading my intro - In reference to "out-shooting" my team sergeant above - DON'T GET THE WRONG IDEA like I was swaggering about it. It just explains how my nickname was begrudgingly awarded. And don't take that as a sign of disrespect towards my Team Sergeant. He was an acting Team Sergeant at the time and I may have out-shot him, but I damn sure didn't gloat about it and stayed as humble as I could manage. Nevertheless, always perform to the best of your ability. That's what your team expects including your Team Sergeant. I was also the best free faller on the team at the time as a Noob because I had a lot of free falls prior to arriving at my unit which is how I somehow talked my way onto a HALO team as a Noob straight out of the "Q" course. Doesn't mean I was jack shit though and I sucked in plenty of other areas because it takes YEARS to become a well seasoned Operator. One time I totally screwed up on a HAHO out in Yakima because instead of reading the compass I though I could just navigate by VR sight but instead landed in the wrong place by miles. I caught a lot of shit for that but the experience paid off and saved my life a couple of years later on a night op. Just remember - one "aw shit!" can wipe out ten attaboys. Always give your seniors nothing but the utmost respect - especially your Team Sergeant. Cause if you don't - you're screwed. I guarantee it.