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the Troll
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Jan 1, 2007
Not far from the south of Canada, 'Murica!
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Thanks for the welcome. I'm proud of my service as we all are, but I know many I have worked with that I would be honored just to shine their boots.

Wow... I have a pair of Corcorans that need to be touched up... hey, you offered, Sir....:thumbsup:

Glad to have you aboard... Ignore Viper, he's a new guy. RB and EType are both just B's, Cback and Crip are the schnizzle as D's.... and I am the ultimate evil .... a B and a D and The Troll (ignore the wiener licker comments to follow - they are just abject jealousy and spurious discontent of the masses who only hope to aspire to Trollishness, except Chop, she's just a witch):ROFLMAO: