Sep 22, 2011
Hi all, I'm a civilian parachute rigger but have worked for defense companies and currently work for a tactical training facility. I work closely with military personnel on a day to day basis. I run my own parachute rigging business and again work for an industry leader that manufactures, trains, sells upper echelon parachuting systems to the military. I have always found it's useful to have my finger on the pulse of the industry in which I have chosen my career. Therefore I am here. Thanks for having me and if anyone ever has any rigging questions on military or civilian gear and I can share that info. I will do so gladly. Keep in mind though that some things I cannot talk about so if I don't respond, that is most likely the reason.
Thanks everyone great site, so much great info here I'm really glad I stumbled upon freefalling's ARAPS thread. Also Free just now noticed you posted your D# I just posted all this stuff in the ARAPS thread about rounds vs. squares please don't think I'm trying to insult your intelligence lol I just think ram-airs are the best all the way around! Anyway I respect the D license nice work!
Anyway I respect the D license nice work!

LOL, thank you, but I did mine when it was easy, only 200 jumps required back about 97-98. It is 500 now? and I'm sure the pre-reqs are more extensive thanks to d-bags frapping themselves in under good canopies.