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Feb 19, 2012
Hello everyone. My name's Dennis. I'm a pilot in the USAF but currently working as an ALO with the 604th ASOS and the 2nd Infantry Division in South Korea. No SOF experience but I am considering cross-training as a STO or an STS/Ranger Battalion ALO. I'm here to gain some insight and greater knowledge of the SOF community.
Welcome to the site. How do you like Korea?

Thanks man. Korea is OK. If you've spent any time here you've probably heard the phrase: "it's the land of the not quite right" and that's an accurate statement. If you need a cheap suit or a fake designer purse for the woman in your life you can get 'em both here.
What did you fly?

I flew F-16s in my previous assignment and I'm scheduled to go back to flying them again as soon as my tour here is up. I really enjoyed this ALO tour so that's got me thinking about cross-training into AFSOC.
Say hello to Mr. Kim down at the camp mini-mall for me ;)

He's the one with black hair right? :D I'll let him know you said "Annyeong Haseyo".

Ya'll missed two solid days of protesting outside the CRC front gate. I think the protestors are the same ones mad about the decision to change security-guard companies. Either that or they found some other reason to dislike us.
:) Well, there really is a Mr. Kim who runs the mini-mall, and I do know him & have kept in contact with him since I lived at Red Cloud... and yes he does have black hair.